New World Week 2

Its now week 2 of our new World Theme and im now in a  team with Daniel, Nathan and Gail. We are working on a new world that had been originally developed by James, Shelley, Rachel and Tyrone. We are working with and developing their ideas and bringing them into our new idea and vision of the world. 

James had done some digital paintings of humanised Dolphin creatures and i was excited to develop them using other sea creatures. I decided to focus on the shark and here is my working progress.

ImageWe have only began on this theme earlier today and im looking forward to the rest of this week to work on it. We have looked at many ideas such as

  • an evil part and good part of the sea
  • undead souls
  • dino fish
  • excavated earth
  • stardust energy
  • gases from under the earth
  • dead souls digging up bottom of sea
  • anemone fabric
  • barnacle medallions 
  • evolution to live on land
  • moon changes tides
  • different levels of ocean
  • insane reasons for conflict

I personally cant wait to work on and develop some of these great ideas with the team. 


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