For Design Discourse we have been given 6 weeks to create a 2 minute film with the theme of Perception. For this project i have been put in a group with Megan, Hannah, and Niamh. As always, we began brainstorming our ideas with post it notes and then began developing them further with quick sketches.

I liked the idea of focusing on how we see ourselves and was looking at quotes to do with Perception some that stuck with me were “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change”- Wayne W. Dyer

and “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars” – Oscar Wilde

Basically what this said to me was the world is as happy or as sad as the person who is perceiving it to be this way. If you are sad the world will seem sad, and against you. If you are happy and optimistic, even the saddest of times will be able to be overcome due to how you feel within yourself. 

It all comes from within and so i decided to do i little sketch of a kitten looking in the mirror and see’s itself as a big lion.


I decided to make a little story board about a teddy bear who’s eye falls off and his owner doesn’t want him anymore. He ends up in a charity shop shelf for months and months and becomes very sad and lonely until one day an adorable little girl comes into the store and reaches up and grabs him and gives him the biggest, loving hug possible. The bear is in complete shock as he cant believe the little girl wants him, relieved he smiles with great happiness and hugs her back lovingly.



Although i really liked this idea, and the team liked it we realised that to do this it would need to be animated and we do not have the time to fully animate a 2 minute film. We discussed this with Conann and he showed us some films created through painted backgrounds and slight movement through editing and minimalist animation and we decided this could work really well. 

I started looking at films with this style and remembered the scene from the film 500 days of Summer were he is in sucha  great mood that animated birds start flying around him, a full band comes into the scene and everyone starts dancing i thought this was a great way to inspire the team with new ideas.

I drew a little sketch from this scene into my sketchbook to explain to my team even further.



I started drawing out other ideas such as a birds eye view and an insects eye view of the world and drew a city how they would see it.


I also liked the idea of when we put on our headphones and close our eyes, we are in a totally different world and our moods change entirely depending on what we are listening to, this was inspired by the quote by Jonathon Safran Foer “Songs are as sad as listener” . I drew the image below whilst listening to stairway to heaven…


We all began getting slightly dark and twisted with our ideas and began looking at the idea of sanity. What is sanity? Do villains think they are in the right? Is it ok to be a little insane? We began looking at the Seven Deadly Sins, what makes them deadly? Should there be an 8th deadly sin? What should there punishments be? And this is were we all got very dark and twisted. We started focusing on the deadly sins and how they should be punished. We looked at the idea of the glutton being boiled alive in oil, someone being dismembered, someone being stretched in a Tudors style way. This is what we are currently working on and i would like to think we will begin shooting, animating and editing together our film next week. 



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