New World

Our newest project is titled ‘New World’ and i have been grouped with Megan, Katie and Michael. We had began by brainstorming all of our crazy ideas. Some of which were ideas like…

  • a world based on when someone puts on their headphones and listens to their music.
  • moon or moons closer, waves come from puddles.
  • world based on an animals back
  • no gravity
  • creatures from already existing things eg, bread and butterflies, dog and catapillars
  • upside down world
  • world of glass
  • world inside a vacuum

We realized we all liked the idea of life inside a vacuum and worked on that until we developed it into a world that was fully made from bacteria and so we all started doing some more research.


I decided to start doing some drawings of bacteria to see if i could capture colour schemes or texture. I then started focusing on what these shapes and styles of bacteria growth could be in this world…


At first i thought these shapes could be this worlds stars, suns and moons and then i thought it could be the homes of the creatures that live here. The spikes on the green one could be a defense mechanism. Who knows, as its a new world, it could be anything.

I decided i wanted to focus on how the world would look rather than what the creatures living there would look like.


I came across this photo and just fell in love. This is bacteria growth yet the colours, vibrance and spiraling spikes growing from it are just fascinating. I realised this could be some sort of mountain and i started getting extremely excited.


i saw this photo online and thought the colours were beautiful from the beginning but not only that, this could be some sort of volcanic eruption within this world, perhaps a way to neautralise the amounts of bacteria within this world.

With these colours i decided to focus on a world that could be (colourblind) to us but in perfect colour in this bacteria growing world. I did a quick digital concept with pink skys, red leaves, blue trees etc as you can see below i changed the hue in one of the images to give the team an idea of what i was trying to explain and then went forward with it in a digital concept.


Tcolour blind world

We are handing this project in on Monday and im very excited to continue working on it throughout the weekend.


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