Get to Know Me.


Name: Emma

Nickname(s): Midge, Midget, Emo…
Gender: Female.
Age: 20
Birthday: October 16th
Hometown: Cookstown
Current Town: Belfast


Favorite Color(s): red, green, pink..
Least Favorite Color: grey or brown..or something else dull.
Favorite Food: Steak! or spaghetti…or prawns…or chicken…ALL THE FOOD!
Least Favorite Food: Mushrooms.
Favorite Band/Artist: Blink182/ Mcfly
Least Favorite Band/Artist: ummm i cant deal with screamo. 
Favorite Type of Movie: comedy, but i do love documentary films.
Least Favorite Type of Movie: Thrillers
One thing you can’t get enough of: tea
One thing you hate more than anything: Bitches, which seems to be a lot of the girls in my age group.


Are you single? Nope
Do you have a crush on anyone right now? Does your boyfriend still count as a crush?
Do you flirt a lot? Ha, no. Im awkward and shy when i first meet people. 
Sweetest thing you’ve ever gotten: Niall got me front row seats for Mcfly.
Do you believe in love at first sight? No, i believe in attraction but not love.

Do you fall in love fast? I try not too. Im always afraid of getting hurt.
Do you ever make the first move? If i have drink in me, im a first move ninja…or so i thought :L
Do you want to get married? Some day…maybe 


A daydreamer? Most definitely 
Shy? at first, once i get talking though, good luck shutting me up.
Talkative? Very in the right company.
Energetic? ha. 
Happy? I try to be. A lot happier than i have been for a long time to be fair. 
Depressed? At times. Everyone deals with shit. 
Caring? extremely 
Trustworthy? yes. 
Confident? Not at all, but i really am trying to build some confidence.
Friendly? very, if people are friendly to me ill be your best friend.
Sarcastic? at times.
Dependable? Most of the time. I would hate to let anyone down.
Adaptable? —Ah. Depends but for the most part, yes.
Emotionally strong? im an emotional wreck for the most part, but yes, i would say im definitely strong.
Religious? Nope.
Indecisive? When it comes to food, yes.
Outgoing? only with friends
Nosy? yeah, terribly. Not gonna lie. 
Lazy? I can be, but who has the time?
Artistic? extremely 
Serious? Sometimes.
Thoughtful? very.
Considerate? too considerate. 
Romantic? i try, but for the most part id say no.
Obsessive? I can be.
Sincere? yes.
Tolerant? Im tolerant of other tolerant people. 


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